For every person to
own and control their
health information

Providing an alternative health care
solution that is individual/family-centric

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive individual/family health data solution that allows real-time access anywhere, actionable and affordably.

  • Purposeful and meaningful work
  • Agile solutions
  • Empower Innovation and creativity
  • Open-minded, inclusive, and diverse

Our Team

Our triumvirate of Jennifers brings critical expertise, experience, and knowledge in operations, technology, big data and solutions, and primary/specialty care practices.

Jennifer Yturriondobeitia, DBH, MSW

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Rolfes, DBH, MBA, MS (Statistics)

President & Chief Technology Officer


Chief Innovation Officer

Jennifer Olivera, MS

Chief Operating Officer

Our Consultants

Zakir Sikder, MD

30+ years telemedicine and digital health system and services

Introducing Our Health Portfolio

Create a patient network where payers will incentivize patients and providers for better outcomes.

  • Improve quality provider network
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Decrease the total cost of care to patients and payers

Better care is possible when you control your health record.

Own your health record

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